Surface Tension

Thistle (Hannah) Mackinney, Student
Thursday, September 11, 2014

I perceive the world through a construct of words
articulate my articles with literate alliteration
a carefully constructed concept of creation
coerced into calling my own
but my bias is based on beliefs
that pile up. Poignant presumptions
grounded on ideas and experience
of ethos, air, and education.

Some species sip the sunlight
a succulent subsistence
sentence structure is superfluous
when you’re older than the dinosaurs
sending out spores
and I am opening doors made of driftwood
and other things that I’ve forgotten.

Some things don’t need words:
the way the bark curls off the manzanita
falls at the slightest
pressure of my finger
as if it wants to be undressed, and that’s okay.
It’s totally fine
not to feel fine all the time.

That’s what I’m doing.
I’m walking with God.
I have just enough fear to keep me alive
as I strive to find the dragon.
Something is hidden in these woods
so I ask for love from the Archangel Michael:
you’re my idol and the only muse I need
cause everything’s inspiring
when everything is nothing
and everything is buzzing, humming
and all that love is part of God.

I met a water snake. I didn’t shriek
I simply followed upstream
swimming, sliding till I too became a snake
and I slipped through the silky spray
the safe suck of the current
swishing on my scaly skin
the silver satisfying surface tension
of the Yuba.

If I follow this path
I’m bound to get hurt.
If you walk barefoot sometimes you get splinters
and pain stings more than numbness,
the tingle when your foot falls asleep
but now it’s time to wake up!
and I’d swear every step brings me closer to God
but I don’t need to.
You have my truth
and I don’t give a damn if you don’t think I’m good enough.

I will sing a song of succulent surrender
and of sanitation cause it’s hard to remember
that even the messy bits
are part of God.
Spilled yogurt and microaggressions
the dirt in a wound and misguided perception
clutter and chaos and unanswered questions
Nothing can hide from the light.
You may feel insignificant
but deep down you are sacred
and it’s totally fine
not to feel fine all the time.

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