11/22 - 11/24 | Earth Air Fire Water

The 130 Firing of the Noborigama Kiln at Woolman 

Friday, November 22 to Sunday, November 24, 2020

Woolman has been gifted with one of the most amazing wood-fired kilns in North America. It is called a Noborigama kiln or "climbing kiln" the design of which dates back to 17th century Japan. It is a six-chambered kiln built like stair-steps up a hill so each chamber uses the residual heat of the chamber below it. Should all six chambers be loaded, it would use up to five cords of wood split to a diameter of one inch and hold as many as 3000 pieces of pottery!​

Potters of all ages are invited to come learn about the history of the unique climbing kiln design of the oldest Noborigama kiln in the United States and to help load it for its 130th firing.

Tickets for the event include overnight camping on the property.   Participants should note that there will be another event on the campus the weekend of the firing; accommodations other than camping are unavailable on the site.   

Event Contact for Further Questions: Dik Hotchkiss, Email: ashglaze42@gmail.com