Spring 2013 Semester has begun!

February 4, 2013
by Emily Zionts, Global Issues Teacher


The beginning is here!

Fifteen young people took planes, trains, and automobiles from places like New Jersey, Colorado, Massachusetts, and more to spend the next four months on a farm in the woods! And we could hardly be more excited about this group of students! It has only been a week or so and some really wonderful qualities are already apparent. Students are showing kindness, intelligence, vivaciousness and engagement all over! They are taking the time to get to know each other, while also taking care to be inclusive with those who are more shy. This school attracts the greatest kids!

Beyond some homesickness from a couple of students (which is normal, of course!) the students seem to be doing really well. This last week was filled with Orientation activities and something we call Place-Based Journey. In the fall semester we take the kids out backpacking for 5 days in the beginning of the term. But because it is wintertime, that activity happens at the end of the semester in the spring. The team work and trust building that comes of that trip is essential though, so we have crafted this exciting week based off of our own beautiful 230 campus and the resources available here. The Place-Based Journey included an iron chef local food cook off, a hike to our amazing close-by “wild and scenic” river, a 12-24 hr. solo on the land, and an “Alternatives to Violence” training (a fabulous experiential workshop created by Quakers). 

This was their last weekend without homework and it seemed like they took advantage of it! Students were out searching for Ithaca (the mythic tree house in the woods), playing ukelele and guitar in a cuddle puddle in the sunshine on the soccer field, and some even went square dancing (while others sought out the Super Bowl)!

Classes began this morning with Global Issues and Farm to Table---last week was great, but everyone is eager to jump into the issues!

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