Interplay - How can playing save us? (From the Great Turning Trip)

April 24, 2012
by Demi Thompson, Student 2012

     In our day to day lives, we grow attached to certain aspects of how we live; whether its our dietary habits or personal relationships with people, objects or status. Some people live in the mind set that they are not attached to anything. Being attached is only half the situation. Interplay is a practice in which people can learn how to establish, lead, follow, attach, let go and then come back through dance.

    The activities that were facilitated with our group at Interplay is movement and action based. During the establishing phase, each person picks a movement or action and moves and mills through the other participants. At any moment the game shifts, through the lead/follow phase each person randomly pairs up, one person will lead by continuing their movement or action and the other will begin to follow. As the leader is now 'attached' to their movement or action, in the next phase the pairs break apart all the leaders pick new movement/actions until they are a leader again or decided to follow someone else. At the end, each person returns to their original movement/action as part of coming back to things you were once attached to.

     This game is a giant metaphor for life. It has applied to me in so many ways. One of the things that impacted me most about Interplay is the lead/follow concept. The idea behind it is that in healthy human relationships each persons must take turns in leading and following. Take a moment to think about how that idea applies to you.


Sally Mitchell, Cynthia Winton-Henry, and Shilpa Jain,


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